Discipline & Regulation

  • Students must reach the school before 10:00 p.m. (Day School) and 6:15 a.m. Morning School) respectively and will be permitted to leave the school premises only after the school is over.
  • It is imperative to show respect and decent behavior to the Teachers, Staffs and Fellow Students.
  • The school authority reserves the right to compel to any student to leave the school if utter negligence in studies is detected or for objectionable behavior.
  • Not more than two students will be permitted to come out of the class subject to the permission of the concerned teacher (may be relaxed on the day of fees-collection). No unnecessary shouting is allowed during the class. Shouting and conversation in loud voice is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  • Necessary permissible punishment will be imposed upon the students for any activities against the discipline of the school.
  • Students are not permitted to bring with them any electronic gadgets via mobile, ipod.
  • Students should keep-their cycle under lock and key in the cycle stand and will not be permitted to go outside the school with the cycle before the school is over. Students will have to pay Rs. 5.00 per month for using the cycle stand.
  • It is the prerogative of the Headmaster to strike out any students name from the register for his unreasonable long absence from the school.
  • As per the instruction of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, no student will be allowed to appear in the Test / annual Examination without having 70% attendance in the classes (may be relaxed only on medical ground).
  • Every student of Class V to Class IX will have to appear in five Unit Tests and the Annual Examination (may be relaxed only on medical ground subject to production of medical certificate).
  • The school activities include observations of the Independence Day and the Republic Day and it is necessary for the students to attend those observations.
  • The students, teachers and staffs can staffs in well-equipped library of the school and can avail the facility to take home the books.
  • The students are required to attend the school specified uniform including White Cades and White Socks.
  • Computer education is compulsory for the students of Class V to Class VIII.
  • Being the nescience of the school, the students conduct in the main force behind the reputation of the education friendly environment and realty of the school. Students are expected to develop their personality and make the school proud with their sense of duties and responsibilities.
  • Students are not allowed to take food other than the items available in the school canteen.